An O plus sign a Yank = Unrivaled love

I remember like it was yesterday, I was walking into the hotel of my first wedding filming bride prep for Nick and Lindsay.  I walked up to the elevator and a guy with glasses was staring at my gear. I was so nervous and felt all weird with poles and metal contraptions pinched between my arms, obviously carrying way too much. Chris said, you here for the wedding? I replied yes.. doing video. He said aw that’s great, we need a videographer!  Do you have a card?  I’m thinking in my head.. *of course I don’t have a card this is my first wedding, who cares, I’ll just tell him it’s my first wedding, no, you can’t say that you’ll look like an amateur, say they’re getting printed, no that’s lying you dont have them being printed* .. so I said, not yet, but I’ll be sure to send you the video see what you think.  After seeing Nick and Lindsay’s wedding video sure enough Chris and Ashley reached out for us to film their wedding and we hit it off.

When we met a few weeks before the big day they expressed how much they’re looking forward to the reception and party atmosphere.. how much of the O’s and Yankee’s rivalry is intertwined throughout the day but fun! I loved it. What a hot day, but fun day. After the ceremony we ventured down in Oriole stadium, in and around the dug outs and the boys imitating the walk off homerun had me laughing.  Actually that day there were two clickspark couples in the bridal party, with Lauren as well!

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