Chanel & Torrey – Sneak Peek

(AUG: UPDATE: This teaser is temporarily private until later this winter – stay tuned :)

(DEC 17 2013: We’re sharing! – Below post is from August 12, 2013)

It’s 5:50am and I’m currently writing this of the coast of Italy. We’re actually away on a trip to Europe and Chanel texted me a couple days ago and said “Torrey and I decided we want to share the sneak peek!” I was all kinds of excited.. originally they were unsure because video is a very personal way of remembering things.. aka: why wedding videos rock!

How did this all come about? Well, back in December of 2012 Chanel and Torrey hosted a Toy drive program where I was fortunate enough to be asked to film and make a mini-highlight showcasing the evening, the fun and all the support that was raised.. Fast forward a few months and Clickspark held a spot at the Tremont Grand Bridal show where Chanel and Torrey attended and we ran into each other again! A few messages were exchanged and the rest is history.

The big day.. when I think back to last month about the wedding, a couple things come to mind. One – the wedding team behind this day was phenomenal and was a well oiled machine (more on this in a bit).. Two – Chanel and Torrey were way more goofy and candid than I expected them to be. Totally fun. When I originally met them Torrey was much quieter – but I think on the big day, in the presence of all his family and friends, he was much more in his element.. joyful and really funny. Actually, their first look was just that.. laughs, giggles and sweet smiles.

The other thing that comes to mind is what the day could have been and what it actually turned out being.. I remember Chanel talking before about having a large wedding versus a small wedding, then eventually on Facebook sharing they’re going small. When everyone asked me about Torrey and Chanel’s wedding and what is was like.. “Were there a bunch of players there? Any celebrities?” Etc etc.. Wasn’t like that. This was family.. this had all the elements of a good ole’ family cookout – good people, good food and good music. Everyone for the most part were people Chanel and Torrey see on the regular so it made the day intimate versus celebrity.

Back to working with amazing people – the day couldn’t have been as cohesive and beautiful without a wedding team all working side by side. There were a good bunch that made all things happen, but a select few that made working that marathon day feel like a walk in the park. The ridiculously fun and sweet photographer Dani Leigh, mind blowing design and vision of Elle Designs, fist pumping energy and forever swaggin’ Pixelated Photobooth guys.. and of course Jordan, Kevin, Teri and Anna for the assists!

Thank you kindly to Chanel and Torrey for letting us capture and be apart of such an intimate yet monumental day in your lives.

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