Emily + Nick – It started with a Crush

I remember walking in to the hotel to greet Emily while everyone was getting ready. It was a normal Summer day and a bit humid.. okay, a lot humid.  The room was mixed with the normal scattered make up containers with muffins and orange juice, and some old school hip hop in the background gettin’ everyone in the groove.  The girls were getting ready and Em mentioned.. “I don’t know, I’m so excited I’m nervous..”  It’s one of those things I learned that for every person in the morning, it hits you at some point, somehow. Whether it’s the moment you slip on the bride robe, or the hair and make up gals arrive.. or when you slip on the dress – there’s always a moment your heart beats a little faster and you realize, it’s your wedding day.

While bouncing around filming the prep I was joined by Melissa Manzione and she was so sweet and collaborative.  After prep we ventured over to Loyola College Chapel, (same as Cait + Tom’s!) where Father Joseph Rossi would share inspiring words through whispering, but powerful voice. Like anyone would most likely agree it sort of knocks you back but then you’re hooked in to his storytelling. After the big kiss and raising the hands up high, the Hunt Valley Golf Club was our final destination where Emily and Nick would venture over on the fun trolley. The reception was a joy but my favorite part would have to be Emily and her father’s first dance, “Say hey” (I love you) it was an upbeat Father Daughter dance that you couldn’t just help but smile the whole time.. sorta like the whole day. :)

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