Jeanine & Chris – The world lights up when you smile

This story took me back.. Back to St. Michaels where I proposed to Melissa in a candy shop with Jelly Bellys.  Jeanine and Chris got married at The Oaks in St. Michaels.. boy was it beautiful.  It’s funny, when I met them before the wedding to go over everything and just catch up, Jeanine walked in with this weird body harness doo-hicky…  I said, what is this all about?!  With a smile..  a smile, Jeanine replies, “ah I broke my back several weeks ago.”  While playing Field Hockey with some friends she backed up into a weird hole and ka-boom.. just several weeks before the wedding! And here she is just all smiles and being completely optimistic about it. Chris was a great supporter and they just make the world go around for each-other.  We need more Chris and Jeanines..   We chatted for so long.. Chris is actually a higher up in leading STX’s product development SO we got on the topic of being insanely passionate about making great products and of course the convo took us all over the map.

Ahh, the wedding day… so Jeanine and Chris were surrounded with some amazing family and friends.. the rain held off JUST as we wrapped up the ceremony AND Jeanine didn’t have to wear her brace!  Woo-Hoo!  They both shared some incredible vows and made it apparent that A. the world lights up when they both smile and B. they’re the cheesiest couple ever and they love that about each other.

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