Tom + Cait / Feature Film

This is one of the longest, and most fun films I’ve ever edited. Cait and Tom also have their trailer, which can be found here.  Our Feature film is one of our longer edits that takes you on a journey back in time, reliving the day in a film that’s over 16 minutes long.  Torrey and Chanel also received this long edit but of course we have to keep that under wraps!! I’ve known Cait for a while now and most recently, her brother Zach, has joined as a Clicksparker to the team as an intern Editor and now helping us shoot too.  Cait and Tom had an extraordinary day planned and we were very lucky to have joined in to film ALL the amazing moments this day had to offer. Some of my favorites.. in no particular order.. Cait and Tom rapping, Tom ready to wear Zach’s shirt to the wedding, Dad’s story of an effing dog, Bridal party entrances, Ramsey rapping, Dad’s giving of the guitar, Duck Dynasty homily, guys getting a shave…  I could seriously go on forever.  Cait’s family that morning was SO accommodating and Jordan still says the groomsmen of that morning were still the most fun and polite. Thanks to y’all.

Like any wedding, when you’re surrounded with other wedding pro’s it makes the day fly by because of the fun to be had.  HUGE thanks to Meaghan Elliott for being a sweet partner in crime that day.  At the AVAM, where DJ Kopec who kept the floor shaking all night so we were able to capture some fantastic groovin’ moves.  Thanks again to everyone and we hope you enjoy the movie. Cheers..

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